Premier Controls

Emission Monitor

We have marked our prominence in the market as one of the reliable suppliers of Emission Monitor, which is manufactured by Bhoomi Analyser. We offer various types of emission monitors, which are used for online measurement of stack emission and oxygen. Different models of our emission monitors are also available for meeting the specific requirements of the clients.

Variety Available :

  • Emission Monitor
  • Zirconia based Oxygen Analyzer
  • Sample Cooler for Liquid Analyzer
  • Portable Analyzer

Applications : For on line measurement of stack emission / Oxygen etc
Features :

  • p to 8 gas species
  • correction to o2reference values
  • Volumetric measurement in terms of mg/m3 ppm and vol%
  • Double stage sample gas cooler
  • continous monitoring
  • Full range of output & alarms
  • data logging via pc software package
  • Fully automated sample conditioning unit
  • Modular system, can increase gas species from min one up to max eight.

Technology Involved :

  • High resolution NDIR technology for IR absorption gases such as CO, CO2, CH4, SO2,N
  • Option zirconium oxide analyzer, paramagnetic analyzer or fuel cell for oxygen
  • Accurate electrochemical sensor for CO, CO2, NO, NO2, SO2, HCL and H2,S
  • Other gases on request.