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Trace Oxygen Analyzer

Trace Oxygen Analyzer

We are engaged in manufacturing and offering Trace Oxygen Analyzer (Trace Oxygen & Emission Monitoring) Model BI -2005. This electric run Trace Oxygen Analyzer supply voltage: 230V AC. It can analyze ppm to100% by volume oxygen. Our Trace Oxygen Analyzer is based on Solid Zirconia Oxide Sensor for long life or Micro Fuel Cell. It is mainly preferred to monitor Inert gas atmosphere.

Applications :

  • To monitor Inert Gas atmospheres for absence of oxygen in order
  • Measurement of Residual Oxygen concentration prevent oxidation.
  • Measuremet of residual oxygen concentration in the production of Noble gases and Nitrogen
  • Operating Temp Range Medium 5 350 Degree C


About Products
Product Name & Image: - Oxygen Trace Analyser
Model/Type Available: - BI -2005 Fig-18
Propelled by (Hydraulic,
Electrical, Pneumatic/CNC) : -
Capacity: - Range : ppm to100% by volume Oxygen
Special Features: - Based on solid zirconia oxide sensor for long life
OR Micro fuel cell
Applications: - To monitor Inert gas atomsphere
Price: -
Technical specification: - -
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used: -
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