Portable Boiler Flue Gas Analyzer

Price : INR 70,000.00 / 70000 Piece(s)

HNL GA 100 is a small convinient portable Flue Gas Analyser to test & acchive combustion efficiency in Boiler & Furnaces, a dire necessity in todays word of ever increasing Fuel cost and a great value for  money with a quick payback period of fewmonth

Additional Information

Product Code GA 100
Min. Order Quantity 1 Piece(s)
Port Kota
Payment Terms Other
Delivery Time 3-4 week
Packaging Details Will be packed in Card Board as per std norms


About Products
Product Name & Image: - Portable Multi Gas /Parameter Flue Gas Analyser
Model/Type Available: - BI _2005 & Model 2013 Fig 17 & 17A
Propelled by (Hydraulic, Electrical, Pneumatic/CNC) : - Electro chemical cell
Capacity: - -
Special Features: - Can Monitor O2,CO,CO2 NOX SOX ,FLUE GAS Temp., ambient Temp, Combustion Efficiency
Applications: - For monitoring Flue gases
Price: - Depends upon models selected
Technical specification: - -
Brief about product: - -
Industries where this product is used: - In thermal/Chemical / Cement plants for Analysis of gas stream.
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