Sample Gas Cooler


Automation Grade Semi Automatic
Size W 370 x D 340 x H 285mm)
Voltage 220V, 50Hz, 200VA With TWO Cooling Channel (SS)
Condensate Vessel Cooling Temp. 02 … 080C (Adjustable)
Ambient Temp. 450C ,Flow 250 LPH, Connection 6mm tube
Warranty 1 Year


About Products
Product Name & Image: - Sample Gas Cooler- Fig 7a to 7d &Fig-10
Model/Type Available: - PGC-02 SS
Propelled by (Hydraulic, Electrical, Pneumatic/CNC) : - ELECTRICAL REFRIGERATION,
Capacity: - Cool the sample at a Max. flow rate of 150LPH
Special Features: - SS Cooling coil with Digital Temp. Indicator
Applications: - In removing the moisture interference
Price: - Depends upon models selected
Technical specification: - -
Brief about product: - -
Industries where this product is used: - In thermal/Chemical / Cement plants for on line Analysis of gas stream.
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