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Sample Gas Cooler

We offer vast range of Sample Gas Cooler that is manufactured by us. Our Sample Gas Coolers are manufactured from high quality material, and are widely used for conditioning the sample gas of an analyzing system. The sample gas coolers are designed to bring down the dew point of sample up to 2-8°C. It is propelled by Electrical Refrigeration, 2 : Peltier Effect. Our Sample Gas Cooler is empowered with SS cooling coil with digital temp indicator. It is widely preferred for removing the moisture interference. The product is ideal for thermal/chemical/cement plants for on line analysis of gas stream.

Details :

  • Model Available : PGC-02
  • Cool the sample at a max. flow rate of 150LPH


About Products
Product Name & Image: - Sample Gas Cooler- Fig 7a to 7d &Fig-10
Model/Type Available: - PGC-02 SS
Propelled by (Hydraulic, Electrical, Pneumatic/CNC) : - ELECTRICAL REFRIGERATION,
Capacity: - Cool the sample at a Max. flow rate of 150LPH
Special Features: - SS Cooling coil with Digital Temp. Indicator
Applications: - In removing the moisture interference
Price: - Depends upon models selected
Technical specification: - -
Brief about product: - -
Industries where this product is used: - In thermal/Chemical / Cement plants for on line Analysis of gas stream.
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